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We can provide a range of alterations to a wide range of garments, Popular alterations include shortening trousers or jeans, tightening waists or re-seating trousers.

Made to Measure

If you’ve looked around for that perfect outfit but can’t find it anywhere, why not have us make it for you. If you have a picture or reference we can make it to your specifications and measurements.

Suits and Shirts

A bespoke shirt or suit made to measure just for you has to be the ultimate addition to any man’s wardrobe. Created and customized by you, tailored for the perfect fit. We have a wide selection of fabrics to choose from.

Leather and Fur Alterations

When it comes to leather we can repair most of garments, from leather jackets to skirts. We can also fix zips and tears and help your item look good as new again.

Specialist Repairs

Specialist repairs is a technique that requires a lot of skill and experience. If you have any tears or holes in your clothing (eg knitted garments, leather products, trousers, suits, and flat wool garments), we have a professional service that can carry out these repairs using a variety of methods to a very high standard.

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